Casio - fx-502p


Brand: Casio
Model: fx-502p
Type: Programmable scientific calculator
Batteries: LR 44 x 2
Lifetime: Introduced: 1980
Terminated: unknown
Notes: The Casio fx-501p and Casio fx-502p were identical calculators except for the number of available program memory. The Casio fx-502p is the non-alphanumeric predecessor of the Casio fx-602p. I've never actually used this calculator. I got it by exchanging it with a Casio fx-601p I owned with someone who preferred alphanumeric above memory.

This calculator (as do many other Casio scientific calculators) uses one and the same key for both the constant π as well as exponents. This works as follows. When you first enter digits, the "EXP"-key will enable you to enter the numbers exponent, otherwise it will enter the constant π.

Picture:  Casio fx-502p picture


There are various interfaces for this calculator (and others in this series). There are two types of cassette-interface, which could play musical notes as well. There is also a printer, the FP-10. I own the printer FP-10 and cassette interface FA-2.

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