Casio - fx-82B


Brand: Casio
Model: fx-82B
Type: Scientific calculator
Batteries: AA x 2
Lifetime: Introduced: 1987
Terminated: unknown
Notes: The Casio fx-82 series started with the Casio fx-82, an ordinary scientific calculator. But But Casio kept extending this line, turning it not into just a model number but a whole calculator series. Trying to make it the non-programmable scientific calculator for school use.

So far I've found mention of the following types:

Enhanced version of the Casio fx-82A. Added features are the display modes, percentage operation, random number generation, round-off operation, hyperbolic functions, and an "OFF"-key instead of a slider.

A reader submitted this comment on the quality difference between the Casio fx-82B and the later series, starting with this one, the Casio fx-82C.

	  I have owned two 82Bs, a C and a D (before finally getting my
	  100D), and one of the big big problems with the B models was that,
	  after some time, the connecting ribbon between the battery
	  compartment and the main "print" would become dodgy (they were
	  held pressed together, iirc), and would sometimes lose contact
	  when the calculator was bumped, dropped, or even squeezed in just
	  the wrong spot. Extremely annoying, of course, losing your
	  calculation like that. I've seen it happen with, in total, 5 or 6
	  different B's, while all the C's I've seen never did that. I
	  always had the impression that that was the most important
	  difference between the two.
	  Jos Dingjan

Picture:  Casio fx-82B picture

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