Interton - PC 6020


Brand: Interton
Model: PC 6020
Type: Calculator
Batteries: Built-in battery-pack
Lifetime: Introduced: ca. 1976
Terminated: unknown
Notes: The Interton PC 6020 is one in a series of similar calculators by Interton (others in this series are the simpler PC 6010 and the scientific PC 6040).

This calculator as a built-in non user-replaceable rechargeable battery. I was amazed that the battery still worked perfectly well when I got this PC 6020 in the year 2001!

This calculator has a couple of nice functions, like a "DP" (Digital Precision) key to fix the number of display digits, and the "M+=" and "M-=" keys.

Also noteworthy are the display's 6 and 9, which exist out of only 5 segments.

Picture:  Interton PC 6020 picture


A power adapter.

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