Lexon - CREDIT


Brand: Lexon
Model: CREDIT LC-55 (Design Sam Hecht)
Type: Design calculator
Batteries: Solar cell
Lifetime: Introduced: unknown
Terminated: unknown
Notes: This calculator was clearly not designed to be usable, it was designed to be peculiar and succeeds quite well.

The display in inverse and very sleek. All numeric buttons are in one row and all other functions are in one row, including the decimal point with the "="-key somewhere in the middle!

This calculator is still for sale from the LEXON design store (link valid 2006-10-26). The LC-55 is here: http://www.singulier.com/boutique_us/fiche_produit.cfm?type=15&ref=LC55&code_lg=lg_us&pag=1&num=2&tri=0&marq=0 (link valid 2006-10-26).

This was my 2006 birthday present from Jan Hurstjes. Thanks Jan!

Picture: Lexon CREDIT LC-55 (Design Sam Hecht)

©2009 Ernst Mulder