Tiggr's Clock Screensaver (for AfterDark)

About Tiggr's Clock...

A friend of mine, called Tiggr (see his web pages), originally wrote this rather nice clock for his NeXT machine. So he deserves the creative credit. This clock is an arc ranging from the hour-hand to the minute-hand. I didn't look into Tiggr's source, but I figure that with Display PostScript the code was much neater that mine, I use Regions to create smooth drawing (instead of off-screen drawing) which is fast and results in a nice "Multiple" colour effect.

Anyway, have fun! This is freeware.


You can download the latest version here.


Version 1.4b: Version 1.4: Version 1.3: Version 1.2: Version 1.1: Version 1.0:
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