Casio - fx-82 SUPER FRACTION


Brand: Casio
Type: Scientific calculator
Batteries: AA x 2
Lifetime: Introduced: unknown
Terminated: unknown
Notes: The Casio fx-82 series started with the Casio fx-82, an ordinary scientific calculator. But But Casio kept extending this line, turning it not into just a model number but a whole calculator series. Trying to make it the non-programmable scientific calculator for school use.

So far I've found mention of the following types:

Functionally identical to the Casio fx-82D, style wise somewhere between the Casio fx-82L and the Casio fx-82SX, this fx-82 variant has a display of 10 digits and two extra digits for the exponent.
Picture:  Casio fx-82 SUPER picture

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